So, why cement?


Cement, on its own, is mainly used as a binder in materials like concrete, which is a foundation in the construction of nearly, well, everything

In fact, concrete is the most widely used material in existence, and is second only to water as Earth’s most consumed resource.

Mortar, grout, concrete - cement is everywhere!  So why did I choose it for art?  There are several great reasons.

Every pour is going to be unique. 

I can use the same mold for many planters of the same design, but each and every planter is going to be slightly different than the last.  Characteristics like color shade, the pattern of bubbles on the surface, and the finish are all going to be different in each piece.  In fact, I’ve noticed different bags of the same type of cement can yield slightly different colors and occasional mottling.  The results are always a neat surprise!
Look closely to find the tiny freckles.  They've one of a kind!

It's all about the details.

Cement, when wet, captures an incredible amount of surface details when casting.  The cement component of the mix will seep into every single nook and cranny of whatever surface it's placed on (or in).  This means that both simple and highly detailed designs look beautiful when crafted from cement.  However, this also means that if your surface, or original planter, has a flaw on it, this will also be captured in the cement.  Figuring out what works takes a lot of trial and error, but that's what makes the results so rewarding.

Finally, it's fun!

Since I started this business, I've spent an incredible amount of time trying different cement mixes, creating molds, pouring cement, and sanding planters.  The part of my life dedicated to planter production is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling.  I love being able to create planters that make my customers happy.  Thank you all so much for your continued support!